Are you dealing with bloating, digestive issues, skin and weight challenges? How are your energy levels and sleep? Join our 28-Day Gut Reset to nourish your gut and start feeling good!

Is the 28-Day Gut Reset right for you?

  • Bloating and food repeating on you?
  • Stubborn weight gain?
  • Food intolerance challenges?
  • Cravings for sugar, carbs and feeling ‘hangry’?
  • Sluggish digestion?
  • Irregular bowels, constipation, diarrhoea and all the in-betweens?
  • Skin issues and breakouts?
  • Low energy and fatigue?
  • Ongoing gut, digestive and GI issues and more?

Over 28-days you’ll be supported to:

  • Get regular with digestion and reduce constipation, diarrhoea and all the in-betweens
  • Soothe ongoing gastro and gut pain
  • Start shifting stubborn weight
  • Understand and relieve food intolerances
  • Understand what foods harm and heal your gut health
  • Get delicious recipes and pantry lists for good gut health
  • Get sleep, exercise, breathing, and stress reduction tips for good gut health
  • Opportunities to ask our Nutritionists all of your burning questions
  • And much more!

What’s in the course?

Over four weeks you will work through different stages under the guidance of gut health expert and BePure's Lead Researcher, Lisa Walker.
What’s in the course? What’s in the course?

What you’ll receive…

  • Weekly video content

    You'll get a series of easy-to-follow, educational videos each week.

  • Resources, recipes and more

    Receive how-to-guides, recipes, diet and meal suggestions.

  • Online support

    Opportunities to ask our Nutritionists all of your burning questions as you navigate the course.

Your nutritionist, Lisa Walker

The 28-Day Gut Reset online course has been created by the BePure Clinic alongside BePure Clinical Manager and Lead Researcher, Lisa Walker.

As a qualified nutritionist with over 13 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, Lisa is quickly becoming known as an expert in her field.

With a passion for learning and empowering others to reach their wellness goals, Lisa specialises in gut health, hormonal well-being, mental health, fatigue, and women’s health.

Frequently asked questions

When does the online course start?

The course can be started at anytime! Once you have enrolled, you will be able to access the course immediately and complete the content in your own time over the next four weeks. You will receive helpful emails along the way to keep you on track, and there are plenty of opportunities along the way to ask questions.

How long do I have access to the course?

You have access to the Gut Reset for 60 days starting from the day you purchase. Though the course is designed to be completed over 28 days we know life can get in the way so we have allowed extra time.

What time commitment should I anticipate this course will take?

This course has approximately 1 hour of video content per week (you may want to take a bit longer to pause & take notes), plus an activity. We’d suggest allowing 1 hours - 1.5 hours across the week for learning & some extra time for implementing new things into your lifestyle.

How do I login/access the course?

After enrolling, you'll be automatically redirected to access the course. You'll also receive email confirmation containing the link you need to access your course and the available tools, guides and videos.

Do I need to purchase any products to do this course?

You are not required to buy any supplements while doing this course, however, the course content does touch on the importance, of probiotics, digestive enzymes, nutrient support, and also gut-repairing products. This means that many find they naturally gravitate towards purchasing our products based on what they think is best suited to their current health concerns and goals, through the education they receive during this course.

Who do I contact if I have any issues or questions about the course?

You’re welcome to reach out to our friendly support team on or 0800 52 54 52 at any point during the course.

Can I gift this course to a friend or family member?

Yes of course! Just enter in the details of the gift receiver when checking out and they will receive all the information and access they need.

Is this a diet?

Although the 28-Day Gut Reset includes gut-loving food suggestions & recipes for inspiration, it is primarily an educational course.

Can I do this course if I don’t have significant gut problems?

Yes! This course is focused on gut health which we know to be so interconnected to all other areas of our wellness. Whether you are just wanting to get the most from your day to day life, or you are struggling with a specific gut health condition, this is a great starting point.

Can I do this course if I’m taking medication?

In most cases this course will be fine to undertake alongside medication. However, it’s always important and recommended to check in with your health care provider if you’ve got any questions or concerns.

Can I do this course if I’m currently facing a significant health challenge?

This educational course may not contain the personalised approach required for significant and ongoing health challenges, if you are not sure it is best to ask our friendly support team on or 0800 525452.

The BePure Clinic is a wonderful option in these cases and we would love to support you via our team of experts. You can see all the details on our Clinic Programmes & the team here.

Can I do this course if I live outside of Australia and New Zealand?

Yes, absolutely! You can do this course from anywhere, anytime.

Can I access the course on my phone/mobile/iPad?

Yes. A smart phone, tablet or laptop will be perfect for our online course.